From the idea to the final product, our team of specialists will guide you step by step through the entire process of creating a new product, and thanks to our comprehensive approach, you can count on us at every stage of products life cycle.

The creation and marketing department, using research on the latest market trends and many years of experience will help in creating the concept and communication of the product. We provide descriptions and claims which, together with a full brief, will be transformed by our graphic studio into a final unique product.

A modern laboratory with technological facilities, a rich collection of fashionable raw materials and active ingredients, as well as the latest scientific knowledge guarantee high-quality formulas that your customers will love.

From development and testing to production, our main goal is to provide quality first. That is why for each product, we provide microbiology, stability, compatibility, dermatological and application tests, as well as support with regulatory requirements and documentation.

Optimized production and confection takes place on 26 production lines, thanks to which we are able to offer a wide range of shapes and sizes of packaging, as well as innovative solutions tailored to individual customer needs.

White label

Working with us you will gain access to over 500 ready-to-go cosmetic formulas that can be manufactured in less than 8 weeks!