Get access to over 1000 existing private label cosmetics formulas which can be tailored to your requirements. Our flexible approach, many years of experience and modern laboratory enables customizing products according to individual market trends and specifications.
Our portfolio consists of a wide range of care products dedicated to all age groups starting with kids cosmetics; fun products for teenagers; anti-blemish and anti-acne treatments for teenagers and young adults; Anti-aging, wrinkle reduction for mature customers.
We are able to provide product qualities:

☑ Vegan / no animal origin ingredients
☑  Cruelty free / not tested on animals
☑  Clean label
☑  High level of natural ingredients

⚊ Paraben free
⚊ Pegs and SLS free
⚊ Glikol free
⚊ Mineral oil free
⚊ Alcohol free
⚊ Allergen free
⚊ Silicone free
⚊ Non GMO
⚊ No artificial coloring


Choose within the following product groups of beauty and wellness:


face crem, face serum, essence, face mask, sheet face mask, peel-off mask, toner, mist, exfoliating treatments, scrub, peeling, etc.


shampoos, conditioners, masks, treatments, oils, serums, sprays, styling products, etc.


including body creams, foams, oils, balms, serums, masks, sheet masks, scrubs and peelings, complex treatments, intimate hygiene, body wipes etc.


coloring shampoos, permanent hair dyes, color boosting hair masks, bleach



Reducing water consumption is a large part of the sustainability movement that meets the idea of clean beauty. As the vast majority of active ingredients, both solid and gaseous, are easily soluble in water, it is one of the most common ingredients in cosmetics. Consequently, one of the ecological trends that are becoming more and more popular are cosmetic products that do not contain water.

Within lost months we have put our resources into developing new formulas in the forms of powders, bars and sticks.


Sheet masks are one of the best-selling one-time-use cosmetic products. We encourage our customers to use provided sustainable biodegradable sheet masks. Cellulosic fibers of lyocell non-woven are made from the sustainable resource wood (FSC) and are, therefore, fully compostable and biodegradable within a reasonable period of time. The tested nonwovens degraded more than 90 % within a period of 12 weeks.