Protective Mask with valve FFP2 MF-20 Pro+

Index 7006

The FFP2 NR 5-Ply protective mask with valve, which makes breathing out easier. Five layer mask stops contamination and aerosols, that may carry the virus (including SARS-CoV-2). It guarantees high protection against airborne dust PM 2.5, which makes part of smog (PFE >94%).

The mask consists of two layers of active melt blown non-woven fabric, which is designed to filter the inhaled air. Its bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) is min. 98%.

✓ 1 piece

1. Wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize before wearing the mask.
2. Once the mask is stretched out, it should fit the face with the coloured side outside.
3. Put the elastic mask straps behind your ears and check that it fits tightly.
4. Adjust elastic nose bridge tightly to the shape of your nose.
5. Check that the mask tightly covers the nose, mouth and chin. Hair can affect the fit of the mask.
6. After taking off, throw the mask into the trash bin.
7. Wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize.