Our machinery park consisting of 26 production lines enables the confection of formulas for a wide range of packaging. The main being:



Knowing the growing demand and importance of ecological solutions we provide our costumer a possibility to choose from wide range of packaging options that are both sustainable and well-priced.

Glass bottles and jars

completely recyclable

Plastic bottles and jars

• all of plastic components used for cosmetics production are made from fully recyclable HDPE, PET or PP

• Bio PP and Bio Pet – the material made in 1/3 out of sugar cane

• RPET and RPP – material includes post-consumer recycled plastic

• Jars with refill system

FSC certified paper packaging

boxes and SPR

Eco- tubes

• Eco-friendly polyethylene tubes that are made from sugar cane. During the production of 1 kg eco-polyethylene, as much as 3.09 kilograms of carbon dioxide is absorbed from the air. Moreover, 80% of the energy used during the eco-plastic production process comes from renewable energy sources.

• PCR tubes that are completely recyclable and up to 50% of plastic used in production comes from post-consumer recycled material.