Hydrogel patches work more intensively than creams.
They consist of a hydrogel mass that is saturated with a concentrated serum.
The use of patches allows the product to work better through occlusion. As a result, the active substances are absorbed and act more effectively. Their effect is felt immediately after application.

Effect on skin

Illuminating, Smoothing, Moisturizing, Revitalizing, Brightening
They work well both in daily care and as an express rescue for tired skin.
They are a reliable and a fast way to improve the condition of the skin under the eyes, on the lips, forehead and hands.
Patches are recommended for all skin types, but especially should be used by people with delicate and sensitive skin.


Easy and fast application
Fast improvement of skin condition
Ability to keep them in a small cosmetic bag always with you
High intensity of the active ingredients
They allow hygienic single-use application